Statia election results confirmed, swearing-in ceremony Thursday | THE DAILY HERALD

Government Commissioner Marnix van Rij (left) and Island Secretary Malvern Dijkshoorn-Lopes signing the official results of the Island Council election in St. Eustatius on Wednesday, October 21.


 ST. EUSTATIUS–The final results of Wednesday’s Island Council election in St. Eustatius were released at Mike van Putten Youth Centre/Lions’ Den on Friday. The numbers of voters per party and per candidate did not change. The elected council members are expected to be sworn in on Thursday, October 29.

  Clyde van Putten, Reuben Merkman and Rechelline Leerdam will represent the Progressive Labour Party (PLP) in the newly-elected Island Council. The Democratic Party will be represented by Adelka Spanner and Koos Sneek.

  The documents with regard to the final results were signed by Government Commissioner Marnix van Rij and the members of the Main Voting Bureau on Friday.

  Progressive Labour Party (PLP) received 815 votes, Democratic Party (DP) 647 votes and United People’s Coalition (UPC) 124 votes in last week’s election.

  The total number of votes cast in the election was 1,616, which is 76.88 per cent of 2,102 eligible votes. In total 1,586 valid votes were cast, there were 16 invalid votes and 14 blank votes.

  There were 613 proxy votes cast (30 per cent) in this election. Voters were able to vote at two polling stations: Mike van Putten Youth Centre and Earl N. Merkman Sports Complex.

  The five top vote-getters in the election were Van Putten (PLP) with 171 votes, Merkman (PLP) 168 votes, Spanner (DP) 132 votes, Sneek (DP) 121 votes and Charles Woodley (PLP) 116 votes.

  The number of votes cast per candidate was for PLP: #1. Rechelline Leerdam 111, #2. Charles Woodley 116, #3. Glenville Schmidt 96, #4. Reuben Merkman 168, #5. Derrick Simmons Jr. 10, #6. Richenell Tearr 33, #7. Arlene Spanner-Schmidt 32, #8. Iligia Jones 15, #9. Jean Carlos Abreu-Gomez 17, #10. Carlos Lopes 46 and #11. Clyde van Putten 171; for DP: #1. Adelka Spanner 132, #2. Koos Sneek 121, #3. Ernie Simmons 55, #4. Julian Woodley 98, #5. Raquel Spanner-Carty 60, #6. Shanna Mercera-Gibbs 42, #7. Sjahairah Fleming 64, #8. Adonis Cijntje 7, #9. Magda Korstanje-Spanner 6, #10. Candidia Woodley 43, #11. Hipolito Herrera Rodriguez, 6 and #12. Austin van Heyningen 13; and for UPC: #1. Elvin Henriquez 90, #2. Carmen Nova-Bonilla 21 and #3. Daniela Richardson 13.

Source: The Daily Herald