Statia gets 13 new BavPol, BOA agents   | THE DAILY HERALD

Deputy Commissioner Mervyn Stegers (fourth left), Caribbean Netherlands Prosecutor Martine Boheur (eight left), Inspector Chief of Basic Police Care Robelto Hodge (ninth left), Police Chief for the Caribbean Netherlands Jose Rosales (centre), Commissioner Marcolino “Mike” Franco (seventh right) and the 13 new officers.

  1. EUSTATIUS–Thirteen new BavPol/BOA (Buitengewone Agenten van Politie/Buitengewoon Agent van Politie) extraordinary police officers were sworn in by Caribbean Netherlands Police Chief Jose Rosales at Vincent Astor Lopes Legislative Hall in St. Eustatius on Monday.

The 13 individuals were sworn in as special law enforcement agents of the Korps Police Caribbean Netherlands (KPCN) and they included civil servants of the Public Entity of St. Eustatius, personnel of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry Department LVV; St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation (Stenapa) and Statia Waste Solutions. Sworn in were Jessica Berkel (Stenapa Marine Park Manager), Francois Mille (Stenapa Marine Park Ranger), Dr. Sharon Veira (LVV), Gershon Lopes (LVV Unit Manager), Wilma van Zoest (Unit Manager Licenses), Nadjesca Henriquez (Compulsory Education Officer), Javier Gomez (Vector Controller), Michalda Murray (Statia Waste Solutions), Ingrid Houtman (Public Health Department), Militza Cornell- Maduro (St. Eustatius government), Jeff Lewis (Statia Waste Solution Manager) and Ruth Pandt and Bianca Schmidt of the Department of Public Works.

The new officers were all smiles as they recited their pledge to uphold their duties. They began their course in September 2018 and will receive their official certificates at a later date. These agents can also report persons who act against the nature legislation.

The BavPol officers have the authority to stop persons and address them on any violation such as public littering, waste collection, conditions in which persons are transporting waste materials, and illegal dumping, and can ascertain whether a person is allowed to transport waste materials, amongst other things. The new agents are set to start inspections as of April 1.

Caribbean Netherlands Prosecutor Martine Boheur said she was encouraged and excited when she heard that such a large number of persons was being sworn in.

Also in attendance at the ceremony were Deputy Commissioner Mervyn Stegers; Inspector Chief of Basic Police Care Robelto Hodge; Commissioner Marcolino “Mike” Franco; Acting Police Chief Frank Nous and the families, colleagues, friends and well-wishers of the agents.

Source: The Daily Herald