Statia girls crowned at GLAMorous Tea Party

The crowned “princesses” with entrepreneur Ife Badejo (back row at left) and Daughter of the King’s Director Elaine Cuvalay (back row at right).

ST. EUSTATIUS–Daughters of the King (DOTK) hosted the first GLAM Workshops designed to inspire and empower girls between the ages of six and twelve years old to provide them with tools to become more productive and solution-oriented young ladies.

  Throughout the workshops, held at the Lion’s Den, the participating 40 girls defined the values necessary to become a “true princess.” They also worked together in teams to work on assignments to help them further develop effective communication and leadership skills, while utilizing their creativity and problem-solving skills. The workshop ended with a “GLAMorous” Tea Party.

  Facilitator and developer of the GLAM Workshops was entrepreneur Ife Badejo from St. Maarten. The Chief Executive Officer of iN4Success and President of Foundation Infobizz shared her personal experiences with the challenges of being a princess, and what that really means. Badejo stressed that being a princess has to do with having and living out the right values.

  At the Tea Party, Badejo and DOTK Director Elaine Cuvalay crowned all 40 girls as GLAM Princesses of St. Eustatius.

  DOTK is geared towards providing life-changing experiences to every girl who joins the club. The girls are taught etiquette, self-esteem and self-discipline.

Source: The Daily Herald