Statia Government hosts party for civil servants

From left: Island Councilmembers Adelka Spanner and Koos Sneek with Commissioners Charles Woodley and Derrick Simmons at the holiday party for civil servants.

ST. EUSTATIUS–The Island Government of St. Eustatius hosted a holiday party for civil servants.

  In attendance at the party were civil servants from the different Government Departments, as well as Commissioners Charles Woodley and Derrick Simmons, Island Council Members Rechelline Leerdam, Adelka Spanner and Koos Sneek, and their executive assistants and advisors.

  During the party civil servants were honoured for their contributions and hard work to the civil core. Those heading into retirement received special recognition. Civil servants Lucia Haynes, Lolita Busby and Ingrid Whitfield received plaques.Retiring civil servants Ingrid Whitfield (left) and Lolita Busby (right) with some of their colleagues.

Government employees said the party was a “great ball.” They also enjoyed the camaraderie, especially interacting with the Commissioners and Council Members.

  Commissioner Woodley kept the attendees entertained during the night. Prizes were also given out.

  After dinner was served, Rebels Band invited the civil servants on the dance floor to do a variety of dance moves such as the Electric Slide, Soul Train Line, Conga Line, and many oth

Source: The Daily Herald