Statia Governor calls for rationing of supplies

ST. EUSTATIUS–St. Eustatius Acting Governor Julian Woodley has issued an urgent call to residents to ration remaining supplies on the island after the damage of monster Hurricane Irma. Stores are not permitted to sell goods to one single client in large amounts to ensure everyone has a continuous supply until the situation normalizes.
Woodley said Irma has caused lots of structural and ecological damage to the island. “We are extremely grateful that there were no reports of loss of life,” he said.
In the aftermath of this storm, Woodley said with the damage to Port St. Maarten, the main source of the Statia’s food supply, and the Port of Miami facing the onslaught of the hurricane, securing food is “a great concern for the island.”
With Hurricane Jose heading to the islands, Woodley said it is all the more important for everyone to ration their supplies.
Woodley counts on everyone’s understanding, consideration and cooperation in this urgent matter.

Source: The Daily Herald