Statia has one new active COVID case | THE DAILY HERALD

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ST. EUSTATIUS–Deputy Government Commissioner Alida Francis announced Monday that St. Eustatius has one new active case of COVID-19. The total number of active cases of the coronavirus stands at eight and all are in isolation.

Francis said the St. Eustatius Public Health Department GGD had informed the public entity St. Eustatius that the new case is directly linked to the group of persons who tested positive approximately two weeks ago. She said this new case is not linked to a new cluster of cases. This is an indication that the recent outbreak is seemingly contained, the GGD stated.

There are 81 persons in self-quarantine and 20 pending COVID-19 test results. Four persons have recovered from the virus in Statia.

The current emergency ordinance is still in effect until Thursday, September 25. “Everyone needs to adhere to the current curfew and the COVID-19 guidelines included in this ordinance,” Francis said.

Preparations are being made for a new emergency ordinance, with the government considering gradually easing the 7:00pm to 6:00am curfew currently in effect, “but I wanted to impress upon everyone that we are not there as yet,” Francis stated.

Consultations with stakeholders, including school leaders, are planned before Thursday, as the government wants to receive their feedback.

“Today [Monday – Ed.] we met with the Island Support Team to discuss the way forward after September 25, and how to gradually downscale. The curfew is maintained and public gatherings are still forbidden,” Francis said.

“A small group of persons” is still not adhering to the emergency ordinance each day, she said, “and the police will take the appropriate measures with regard to this.”

Francis advised everyone to practise proper hygiene, wear their face mask and practise social distancing. “Once again, I appeal to every resident of this island to take this responsibility seriously.”

Source: The Daily Herald