Statia holds Mass in honour of Police Day | THE DAILY HERALD

Police officers with Major Marietza Patrick (left), other members of the uniformed forces and Deputy Government Commissioner Mervyn Stegers (right) attending the 2018 Police Day Mass at the Roman Catholic Church of St. Eustatius.

Father Simon Wilson (right) extending greetings to Police Major Marietza Patrick at the end of the service.

 ST. EUSTATIUS–A Mass was held at the Roman Catholic Church of St. Eustatius in honour of Police Day 2018 on Wednesday. Present at the church service were Deputy Government Commissioner Mervyn Stegers, St. Eustatius senior police officer in charge Major Marietza Patrick, St. Eustatius Fire Chief André Bennet, Acting Fire Chief Chester Tearr, as well as Fire Department personnel.

Also in attendance were NuStar Statia Terminal’s Emergency Response Team, officers of the Royal Marechaussee, personnel of Government Department Caribbean Netherlands RCN, senior citizens, family members and friends of the police officers and other invited guests.

Roman Catholic priest Simon Wilson conducted the Mass as members of the Police Department assisted in the various readings. Maryteresse “Liesje” Lijfrock-Redan and Reina Lijkrock also assisted.

A special song rendition was performed by Zujena Suares. She dedicated her song to police officers “everywhere.” Her rendition was well-appreciated by attendees, who applauded vigorously at the end of her performance. Father Wilson’s Gospel homily focussed on police officers around the world.

Source: The Daily Herald