‘Statia perfect for conference tourism,’ says Old Gin House


ST. EUSTATIUS–The Old Gin House hotel on Oranje Bay aims to become a conference centre by excellence according to Sybolt ten Hoopen. The hotel’s Director has engaged communications company Factory 360 Marketing to promote the unknown attractions of St. Eustatius, and by consequence, the hotel’s facilities for meetings, conferences and events.

“Little is known about the rich history, nature and attractions of Statia as a destination,” according to Ten Hoopen.
“We intend to work side-by-side with the Tourism Office. We have invested significantly in renovating 14 garden-view bedrooms, as well as creating a boardroom to seat 25 people. Furthermore, our sea-view restaurant is stunning and arguably the best gastronomic experience on the island.”
The hotel Director said its markets are currently mainly oil-terminal related, and include dive tourism and Government travel as well. “In addition to these markets, we now want to appeal to the conference sector. We are looking to attract customers who want to get away from familiar and sterile hotel atmospheres,” he explained.
“We have a creative and reflective environment on the ‘Historical Gem.’ Our guests will find that teamwork on the island comes easy without the daily commute, smartphone distractions or hectic work schedules.”
Annet Kooistra of Curaçao-based Factory 360 is “delighted” to take on the challenge of promoting the island and The Old Gin House.
“There are a million stories to tell about this wonderful island and we shall use online marketing to create a platform for a global conversation. The Caribbean conference business is estimated at a conservative US $40 million, and we shall connect with the many thousands of bodies that organize conferences, or want to hold meetings in an interesting environment,” Kooistra said.
“Statia tourism is a niche market. The island is also the biggest secret on planet Earth. It is not a ‘reach-for-the-beach’ destination. It is ideal for activities such as nature trails, historical tours, sunset cruises and diving, all of which combine perfectly with the mind-set of customers who are fascinated by a quality experience. That will be our message and our mantra.”
It will be Kooistra’s role to connect with online travel agents, manage websites and drive potential customers to travel media such as Expedia, TripAdvisor and Zoover.”
Ten Hoopen agreed and recalled the amazement of a recent customer who arrived at F.D. Roosevelt Airport to admire the Quill crater by moonlight. “The following morning, he was further amazed by the quaintness of our main yellow brick building that dates from around 1760,” The Old Gin House Director said.
Ten Hoopen explained that with only 20 rooms, the size of conferences are limited. “However, we have arrangements with other hotels on the island for spill-over if necessary,” he said. “Statia is a quality experience and we look forward to promoting that experience as a place to meet.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/68491-statia-perfect-for-conference-tourism-says-old-gin-house