Statia public advised to be vigilant and prepared | THE DAILY HERALD

ST. EUSTATIUS–Government Commissioner Marcolino “Mike” Franco advised everyone in St. Eustatius to pay close attention to the various storm developments in the Atlantic and to be prepared as the peak of the hurricane season is occurring.

He said the Island Government has already started preparing as they are busy removing debris and other items that can fly if a hurricane passes the island. They will provide more updates if necessary.

“We cleaned out the Madam’s Theatre [Charlie’s Place – Ed.] which had a lot of galvanized zinc and other items in it which could be very dangerous while a hurricane is passing the island,” Franco said. Madam’s Theatre’s roof had previously caved in during the passing of various storms.

The government is not the only organisation cleaning up, Franco said, NuStar Statia Terminals is also busy with doing their part as well.

During the past week, a very big barge was moored at Charles A. Woodley pier at Gallows Bay. Trucks were going up and down with materials to load into the barge.

A large vessel is anchored in Fort Oranje Bay. The barge would take its cargo and offload it onto the vessel. The cargo will be taken off the island before the end of this week.

Franco stated that afterwards it would be their turn to send the car wrecks off the island. Government is currently busy clearing car wrecks from Man of War. All wrecks and scrap metal at Man of War will be brought to the harbour and loaded onto the vessel this week.

If a storm should pass, GIS protocol officer Mercedes Lopes-Spanner urged residents to have medicine for more than two weeks in their home, at least three gallons of water per person for drinking and sanitation for two to four days, batteries, flashlight with extra batteries, canned food, can opener, first aid kit, battery-powered radio, protective clothing, rainwear, bedding or sleeping bag and special items for infant, elderly or disabled family members.

She also advised persons to review their hurricane-preparedness plan and also to clean up their surroundings for their benefit and the public at large.

Source: The Daily Herald