Statia raises St. Maarten risk level from high to very high | THE DAILY HERALD

Nurse Shanna Mercera-Gibbs at the entrance of the EOC Building on Wednesday.

ST. EUSTATIUS–With the increase of COVID-19 cases in St. Maarten, the Statia government raised the risk level for St. Maarten from high to very high as of Thursday, August 12.

  This new policy will require vaccinated persons to stay in quarantine for five days. For non-vaccinated persons the stay will be 10 days when entering from St Maarten.

  Short visits from St. Maarten to Statia for business will not be allowed and persons entering the island from St. Maarten need to stay in quarantine without exemptions. Persons with a same-day transfer to St. Maarten are welcome to the island based on the risk level of the country from which they are travelling. Persons with an overnight stay in St. Maarten entering Statia will be treated as coming from a very-high-risk country.

  Sixty persons were vaccinated at the Emergency Operating Centre (EOC) building on Wednesday, August 11.

  This was the first time the EOC building located at the mall in Chapel Piece was used to inoculate persons with the Moderna vaccines. Acting Government Commissioner Claudia Toet had informed the public that government wanted to separate the positive COVID-19 patients and the persons seeking vaccinations, so the vaccination location was moved from the Hospitainer to the EOC building.

  A total of 106 people were in self-quarantine, 55 under observation, and two in isolation as they had tested positive. A total of 1,404 persons have been vaccinated – 103 received their first shot of the Moderna vaccine and 1,301 received both shots.

  Medical visits to St. Maarten are still possible. St. Eustatius Healthcare Foundation (SEHCF), General health insurance office ZVK and St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) will be working closely together to monitor the situation.

Source: The Daily Herald