Statia Reconstruction Team meets with homeowners and contractors

ST. EUSTATIUS–Acting Island Governor of St. Eustatius Julian Woodley and the Reconstruction Team held their first round of meetings Wednesday with homeowners who suffered a loss during the passage of hurricanes Irma and Maria. This first meeting targeted the 12 most urgent cases.

Homeowners were explained how and when the reconstruction of their homes will take place. During the course of next week, a second meeting is planned for the remaining homeowners also affected by the hurricanes.
On Wednesday, the Governor and the Reconstruction Team met also with approximately 14 building contractors to inform them of the role they will play in the process of rebuilding almost 80 homes that were affected during the hurricanes in September.
The reconstruction will take place in stages with the 12 most critical cases being handled first. The damage to homes relate mainly to roofs torn off completely and others partially.
The objective is to rebuild roofs strong enough to withstand future storms. While the reconstruction will not include any new additions to these structures, the process will include having some roofs replaced with concrete.
The entire reconstruction is financed by the Dutch Government. Building material is scheduled to arrive on Statia during the course of next week. Contractors hired to carry the work will be paid by the Dutch Government.
The Reconstruction Team comprises Project Manager Mel Raboen de Sanchez Pacheco, Disaster Coordinator Edris Bennett and Operational Supervisor Wim de Jong. Austin van Heyningen (Infrastructure and Economy) and Esmond Hook (Public Works Department) are also part of the team. This team will work along with the Acting Island Governor, who is charged with overseeing this process.

Source: The Daily Herald