Statia students flock to archaeological site | THE DAILY HERALD

An archaeologist speaking with Gwendoline van Putten Secondary School students at the excavation site on the airport grounds.

ST. EUSTATIUS–More than 100 Gwendoline van Putten Secondary School students visited the GR2021 archaeological site on the grounds of F.D. Roosevelt Airport in St. Eustatius last month.

  The students were joined by principal Rosalie Edelstein-Lopes, history teacher Floyd Woodley, who is also a board member of the St. Eustatius Center for Archaeological Research (SECAR), and teachers Michelline Busby and Olivia Vlijtig.

  Golden Rock Roman Catholic Primary School pupils are also expected to embark on field trips to the archaeological dig Tuesday, June 1, and Wednesday, June 2.

  Governor de Graaff and Lynch Plantation/Seventh-Day Adventist Primary Schools are also planning to visit the excavations in the next two weeks.

  SECAR expressed its delight with the fact that the archaeological dig during which an extensive burial ground was uncovered has such great interest from the schools on the island. By hosting field trips for students and pupils SECAR hopes to increase young Statians’ interest in future studies in archaeology, history and anthropology.

Source: The Daily Herald