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Noortje de Boer demonstrates yoga posture for Statia Sustainability Conference guests.


Delegates sniffing elbows to report on the calming effect of essential oils.


US-TV celebrity Santana Rodriguez.

 ST. EUSTATIUS–On the last day of the Statia Sustainability Conference, delegates focused on how to turn theory into practice. Presentations centred on mind, body and soul.

Guidance in the field of emotional stimulation was offered by Sara Stone. Her particular focus at the conference was setting the mood with essential oils and aromatherapy.

“I like to think of aromatherapy as an alternative method rather than alternative medicine. Their use not only calms the mind but also produces concentration and productivity even in the workplace,” Stone assured delegates.

She has a wide experience in the field of health and wellness in the private and public sectors. Her passion in the Caribbean is towards the promotion of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Her description of the health-related benefits of oils, such as lavender, lemon, frankincense and mirth, was interesting and educative.

“It is not for nothing that some of these oils are used around the world in offices, airplanes, nurseries and schools,” Stone explained. “Various studies have confirmed their positive influence on patients that have undertaken chemotherapy. We should not underestimate their calming and soothing effects.”

Noortje de Boer is no newcomer to the tourism sector. She moved to St. Eustatius five years ago to work as a diving instructor. Having joined a training course for yoga teachers her life and outlook have changed dramatically.

“Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual exercise that originates in ancient India. Yoga classes could be an appealing activity for the wellness tourist industry on Statia,” De Boer said.

“The practice of yoga has many benefits that range from improved respiration and strength, to improved posture, joints, immune system, blood-sugar control, balance and lower blood pressure. Yoga also has meditational advantages that lead to a calmer and reflective outlook.”

Celebrity television host and guest speaker Santana Rodriguez from Los Angeles, California, gave her impassioned audience a pep talk that underlined the importance of goals as well as motivation.

“We live in a judgemental society in which the focus is external. You meet somebody and immediately you draw conclusions about their character – what they are – from their personality or how they appear. Through control of exercise and mind, we can rise above all that. What we have inside is more important than what we have outside. That is the basis for a healthy and, therefore, wealthy lifestyle.

Source: The Daily Herald