Statia Waste Solutions starts second clean-up campaign | THE DAILY HERALD

An employee of Statia Waste Solutions loading a garbage truck.

ST. EUSTATIUS–Following the first island-wide clean-up which took place in July, Statia Waste Solutions has started planning a second campaign. Persons interested are requested to register before Friday, September 28.

Statia Waste Solutions handles the collection of garbage and the recycling plant in St. Eustatius. Because of the overwhelming response to the first island-wide clean-up, a promised second clean-up campaign has been organized.

The campaign organizers said that during the first clean-up “a few” homes were missed due to the overwhelming amount of waste that was collected. To ensure that everyone will be reached this time, registration is required so that the organizers can make a more accurate planning.

The organizers are asking to pass the word around so that friends and neighbours will also be informed. The exact date and routes for the upcoming clean-up campaign will be released at a later date.

Persons can register for items to be picked up by calling tel. 318-0616 or by sending an email to Persons interested may also visit the office of Statia Waste Solutions, which is open Monday to Friday 7:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm.

The organizers of the campaign said that it is not their intention to “literally” clean yards. “The initiative is to facilitate transport of the waste material to the facility for free. So all waste material must be ready for loading by the side of the fence so that the truck has free access to take the waste up,” said owner of EJL Services Jeffrey Lewis. His company manages Statia Waste Solutions.

Asked about the response of the public to the first island-wide clean-up, Lewis said, “My overall feeling is that it was a success in getting the public active in cleaning their surroundings. That’s why part two is needed because we didn’t reach to all.” Some members of the public had lamented the fact they had missed the first cleaning operation.

Source: The Daily Herald