Statians taking initiative to fix deteriorating roads

Mansionweg is in a bad condition


ST. EUSTATIUS–A group of proactive residents of St. Eustatius have taken the initiative to resurface Mansionweg by July 1, Emancipation Day. Non-profit Brighter Path Foundation announced the launch of their first crowd-funding project as part of their mission to brighten the path for Statia’s future.

  President of Brighter Path Foundation Xiomara Balentina said the organization first sought the approval for the resurfacing of Mansionweg from the members of the Executive and Island Councils.

  Connecting Oranjestad with Paramira and other northern districts, Mansionweg is one of the main roads on the island. Currently, the road has deep holes and uneven patches where the asphalt has started to come off the concrete. Drivers on the island have complained about their cars being damaged on this road.

  Balentina said Brighter Path is planning to resurface the road with a sustainable layer of the best quality concrete from the junction with H.M. Queen Beatrix Road to the connection with Dr. H.A. Korthalsweg.

  The necessary arrangements for equipment and material for this project, among which are 1,000 bags of cement have already been made; however, they have requested the harbour fees be donated by local authorities.

  To resurface the road they would have to hinder traffic, therefore, they have asked for the cooperation of the local Government to have traffic regulated by the Department of Spatial Planning and Management DROB, or any other department experienced in this field.

  Balentina said they also have plans to beautify the road with local cacti and sisal (agave) plants.

  The construction will be a collaboration of Broths 4 Construction, Trico N.V., CTC N.V., and other road construction experts.

  Those who are willing to contribute to the cause can do so by donating at Lynn’s Bakery by putting their name on an envelope with the amount, Balentina said. Persons can also contact the Foundation at

  Asked about the road project that would be financed by the Netherlands, Commissioner Charles Woodley said the road project agreement was signed in February 2016 by former Commissioner Reginald Zaandam and Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Ronald Plasterk under the Multi-Year Development Plan at Gertrude Judson Bicentennial Library.

  Commissioner Woodley stated that the Island Government has done its part and submitted the required documents for the road project. In April 2017, he received an email from the Dutch Government liaison stating that the delay would be her responsibility and she promised that the project would be up on wheels as soon as possible.

  Woodley said that he knows that information has been floating around that Government has received money for the road project. He wanted to make it clear, however, that Government has never received any funds for the road project.

  He said he welcomed the initiative of Bright Path Foundation and local contractors to team up and start doing “our own roads ourselves.”

  “Right now they are in the premature phase with this plan. The Island Government welcomes any and all initiatives similar to this plan for the betterment of the island,” said Woodley.

Source: The Daily Herald