Statians urged not to fill up cisterns

New drivetrain at Stuco’s water plant.


ST. EUSTATIUS–St. Eustatius Utility Company Stuco urges Statians limit pumping water from the water distribution into their cisterns at this time of drought.

Stuco is rationing water to avoid the complete depletion of its storage tank, Stuco Chief Executive Officer Fred Cuvalay said on Tuesday.

A new drivetrain for the water plant was installed at the beginning of the year to increase water production and lessen rationing. However, due to people filling cisterns, Stuco’s storage tank is depleting at a very fast rate. This will force Stuco to continue its rationing, as the network cannot support cisterns replenishing.

Cuvalay called on those with cisterns to think about those customers who do not have access to the distribution line and must truck water to their homes as the drought continues. Stuco, he said, cannot forbid anyone from filling their cisterns, but it can issue a simple request to residents not to do so.

“If you do not throw any water into your cisterns, our water network will be able to sustain all our customers, even those that must truck water, and refrain us from rationing water,” Cuvalay said.

The company hopes to mitigate the likely possibility of completely running out of water.

Source: The Daily Herald