Statia’s 2021 budget in Central Committee | THE DAILY HERALD

Photo: Government Guesthouse

ST. EUSTATIUS–The budget of the public entity St. Eustatius will be one of the topics discussed during a meeting of the Central Committee of the Island Council in Vincent A. Lopes Legislative Hall at 2:00pm today, Thursday, January 28.

The third implementation report and the second draft budget amendment will also be discussed during the meeting, as well as a request to amend the ordinance on administrative assistance and faction support for the Island Council. The draft ordinance to ban single-use plastic, Windward Islands Airways International Winair connectivity, a recent request of Statia fishermen for a meeting with Central Committee members and the ongoing labour development in the maritime industry as it relates to the workers of Coloured Fin Ltd. are also on the list.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. The colonial mechanisms are still functioning well. All are involved in the game of power (that is to say: without having any) and may discuss, within the boundaries and rules set out by Den Haag, the documents which form part of the structure of government which has been imposed on the people of Statia.
    It’s regrettable that people with the best intentions – let that be said clearly – let themselves be used in the circus to legitimate the Dutch system. The system of carrot and stick is still very visible.
    And nobody opens his or her eyes to the increasing diminishing of the influence of, but also presence of the local Statia-born people. In few years the island will be changed irreversible. Unless…