Statia’s Advisory Board meets for self-reflection | THE DAILY HERALD

Government Guesthouse

 ST. EUSTATIUS–Last Tuesday’s meeting of the St. Eustatius Social Advisory Board focused on self-reflection. Press scrutiny concerning poor attendance and communication particularly through this newspaper prompted the board to take concrete steps to enhance the way members meet and communicate with one another.

For a start, board members stressed the need for an attendance quorum to be reached before the meeting takes place. Second, they proposed that actual minutes are to be taken of meetings. Third, they desired timely presentation of their agendas and finally, they wanted more efficient use of time to discuss various issues.

Advisory Board members generally believed that the government plan for the future as described by its publication The Hidden Treasure required more time for consideration.

Board Chairman and Government Commissioner Marcolino “Mike” Franco assured his members that the 38-page full-colour document was only a draft and required their input. Moreover, he would order its translation from the Dutch language into English.

The next meeting of the Social Advisory Board will take place at the Government Guesthouse on October 23. The Government Guesthouse has been under reconstruction for some time now.

Source: The Daily Herald