Statia’s oldest man turns 99

William Euson (centre) with his niece Zaida Euson hugging him in the presence of her daughter, Island Councilmembers Clyde van Putten and Adelka Spanner, and Euson’s nephew and another family member.


ST. EUSTATIUS–A birthday celebration was held Tuesday morning for William W. Euson, also known as “Uncle Bill,” the oldest man on St. Eustatius. Born in 1918, Euson celebrated his 99th birthday in the company of fellow residents of the Auxiliary Home and members of Chapel Piece Health and Recreational Center, as well as relatives and friends.

  Island Councilmembers Clyde van Putten and Adelka Spanner were among those that stopped by to congratulate him, as were Director of St. Eustatius Health Care Foundation Gerard Berkel, Dr. Sharda Baboe, Reverend Vincia Celestine of Bethel Methodist Church, and nurses of Queen Beatrix Medical Centre. Relatives came from St. Maarten, Curaçao, and as far as Holland to celebrate Euson’s birthday.

  Van Putten said he met Euson for the first time when he was a student in Curaçao. He congratulated Euson’s niece Zaida for doing a “commendable job” in caring for her uncle. He saluted her, the Auxiliary Home nurses, cleaners and cooks for doing “a great job” for the island’s seniors. “We wish you continued blessings and health,” he said on behalf of the Island Government.

  Chapel Piece Director Hilda Berkel said that when she first started the programme for seniors Euson was one of the first persons that came. She jokingly said that some days he would smile and give her a hug, while on others he would curse her. “He knows that we [Chapel Piece – Ed] love him and he will always be a part of Chapel Piece.”

  “In the bible it speaks about allocating your life span to be three scores and 10 [70 years – Ed] but Mr. Euson has surpassed that,” said Spanner.

  The oldest resident on Statia is Alberta Timer, who also celebrated her 99 birthday earlier this year. She was also present at the celebration of her contemporary.

  Nurse Malone of St. Eustatius Auxiliary Home wished Euson many more years on behalf of the Home’s management team and nurses. “Next year, by God’s grace, we will be having two persons celebrating 100 years.”

  Reverend Celestine reflected on all those who are caring for Euson and all who have previously cared for him. She finished off by commending them all for their dedication.

  Killy Killy Band serenaded the birthday guests and some seniors took to the dance floor while others sang along. Drinks and snacks were served, as well as birthday cake.

Source: The Daily Herald