Statia’s SDA Church celebrates anniversary memorization service

Children of Lynch Plantation/Seventh-day Adventist School taking part in the finale of Saturday’s memorization service.

ST. EUSTATIUS–Lynch Plantation/Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church celebrated its tenth anniversary memorization service on Saturday morning. During the service, children memorized scriptures from the Bible. All the children of Lynch Plantation/SDA School took part in the service. The children also sang in various languages, especially in English and Dutch. Under the direction of teacher Helen, many of them proved to be very fluent in the Dutch language.

  “One of these days our children will be gone from our homes and our lives, and the only memory you will have is that you were too tired or too sleepy. So don’t miss out on this valuable time with your children. Don’t let the opportunity to spend time with your children pass you by,” said School Director Laverne David-Duggins.

  She invited parents and guardians to build memories with their families, as the memories their children will have of time together with their family will last for a lifetime.

  She thanked everyone involved in helping to get the event together, such as Bianca Schmidt, Viola Lijfrock, who took time out of her vacation, Riana Bennet, who assisted the boys, Felicia Schmidt, and many others.

  During the service there also was a quiz section with two winners: Lorna Suares and Claudette Blair.

Source: The Daily Herald