Statia’s senior citizens attend Final Fun Event

Seniors throwing rings during The Final Fun Event for 2017.

ST. EUSTATIUS–A fun-filled evening was organised for seniors on St. Eustatius on Wednesday evening by “Lady of Culture” Marcella Gibbs-Marsdin and her helpers. Dubbed The Final Fun Event for 2017, the evening was well-attended.

  The seniors had a great time as they were seen joking, reminiscing and sharing with each other. The highlight of the night was the tossing of the rings. This game is a big attraction for the seniors, who displayed their skills in trying to win various prizes, which they shared among each other. The evening focussed more on togetherness and less on winning.

  Some of the seniors were not able to stand for long periods and remained seated when it was their turn to throw the ring.

  Seniors cheered each other on as they claimed a prize. One 89-year-old’s hands were so steady he won prize after prize, which brought cheers from his competitors.

  Many said they would long remember the night, as it reminded them of years gone by when persons came together and shared whatever they had among each other.

  Gibbs extended her appreciation to all who have been assisting throughout 2017 in whatever way possible and said she is looking forward to their continued support in 2018. She wished everyone blessings in continued good health for 2018.

Source: The Daily Herald