Stenapa releases video on Lesser Antillean iguana

The Lesser Antillean iguana.


ST. EUSTATIUS–St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation Stenapa released a video message about the endangered Lesser Antillean iguana.

  The video, developed by wildlife film and photography studio Veldkijker in the Netherlands, gives Statia’s local iguana a voice.

  Stenapa’s Education and Outreach Officer Hannah Fairley said the video details the many threats the Lesser Antillean iguana faces which are pushing it closer to extinction.

  The voice in the video is calling on residents of Statia and the international community to eliminate these threats, said Fairley.

  “Stenapa is working hard to remove the invasive green iguana from the island and improve the habitat of the Lesser Antillean iguana.”

  Fairley said that persons wishing to donate to conservation efforts can do so at and selecting Stenapa.

  The video can be found on Stenapa’s YouTube channel

Source: The Daily Herald