Stenapa to screen award-winning film


Coral reef in Statia’s waters.

ST. EUSTATIUS–St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation Stenapa will be hosting a free screening of “Chasing Coral” at Superburger on Thursday, August 17, at 6:30pm. “Chasing Coral” follows a team of divers, scientists and photographers on the quest to document coral death as a result of global warming. The film has received critical acclaim and has ignited a call to action from the global community to preserve coral reefs.Filmed over three years and collecting more than 500 hours of underwater footage the team battled against the elements to secure cameras to the sea bed to capture the negative transformation of coral reefs.

  A global increase in carbon emissions has caused sea temperatures to rise. This causes coral bleaching which turns entire coral reefs white, ultimately destroying an important home for marine life.


  Coral reefs are a vital part of Statia’s economy and environment. They provide a livelihood for fishermen, coastal protection from storms, and are the main attraction for many dive tourists that visit the island.

  “It is essential that we, as a community, protect our precious coral reefs for the benefit of our island. Losing them would be disastrous for Statia,” says Stenapa’s Marine Park Manager Jessica Berkel.

  Stenapa will host the screening to raise awareness for coral reef decline and to promote best practices for its conservation.

Source: The Daily Herald