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Tuesday’s COVID-19 stats

~ Three more patients die ~

 WILLEMSTAD–Curaçao introduced stricter measures from December 1 to prevent the further spread of coronavirus. These apply in any case for the next three weeks,  but will be evaluated on December 14.

  Alcohol may not be served in bars, cafés or restaurants. It is not allowed to drink on the public roads either, and all casinos are closed. The so-called “dry law” also applies to tourists and hotels.

  Alcoholic beverages may still be sold in mini- and supermarkets, but may only be consumed at home. Snack- and beach bars must close at 5:00pm and can only provide take-out, delivery, or curb-side pick-up. “Trùk’i Pan” (BBQ stands) can offer service between 4:00pm and 8:00pm only through take-out, delivery, or curb-side pick-up.

  Restaurants may remain open according to their permit but no later than 8:00pm and can offer service only through delivery, curb-side pick-up, take-out or via drive-thru if available. It is not allowed to sit inside, but those with an area to sit outside like a terrace can receive customers there up to a maximum 50 per cent of normal capacity, but no more than 50 people.

  Bars and restaurants located on hotel premises can offer service only on terraces in open air or through take-out, delivery and curb-side pick-up. After 8:00pm these can remain open according to their economic permit, but only for guests registered at the hotel.

  All shops including malls must close at 6:00pm, with the exception of grocery stores, bakeries, pharmacies, gas stations and lottery offices. Those can remain open according to their permits, but no later than 8:00pm.

  The maximum number of people allowed in a business is 50 per cent of normal capacity, but no more than 50 at a time. All shops, companies and establishments must comply with the hygiene rules and make sure their customers can maintain the proper distance. They must also take additional measures to guarantee that their personnel can comply with the hygiene and social-distancing protocol.

  The use of a face mask is mandatory for supermarkets, minimarkets, tokos, stores, bakeries, pharmacies, hospitals and clinics, bookstores, hardware stores, public transportation, barbers, hair salons and funeral homes. The use of face mask in all other establishments or organisations is highly recommended but not mandatory.

  Agglomerations of more than four people in public places, including on roads, is not allowed. At beaches, it is not permitted to have groups of more than four. The only exception is if it is a family of the same home.

  Public transportation operates until 9:00pm. All measures that already applied in the education and sports sectors are still valid.

  It is recommended to work from home wherever this is possible.

  Justice Minister Quincy Girigorie had announced earlier that there would be no new lockdown. The curfew in force from 9:00pm to 4:30am will continue to apply for the next three weeks. It is also strongly discouraged to organise parties at home. People behaving irresponsibly while knowing they are infected – by, for example, expressly coughing or spitting – is punishable and referred to as assault, added the minister.

  During the night from Monday to Tuesday, two hospitalised patients died. Both had not been in intensive care, but at the special COVID-19 ward. There were still six people in that ward and four in intensive care.

  A resident with symptoms at nursing home Betèsda also passed away, which put the number of fatalities so far at seven. All three of the latest victims were over 70 years old.

Source: The Daily Herald