Stuart pledges support for Koop Avond 2020 | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Government, via Tourism and Economic Affairs Minister Stuart Johnson, has pledged support for next year’s edition of the summer street fair Koop Avond.

This support was expressed at the closing night of the event in Philipsburg on August 1. The ministry was one of the supporters of this year’s event.

Johnson said the street fair “should line every area of Front and Back Streets. It should be the biggest event our nation’s capital has at this time of the year. So, by extension, I am pledging my unwavering support and commitment to see Koop Avond grow to its biggest potential ever in 2020,” according to the event promoters.

Education and Culture Minister Wycliffe Smith shared similar sentiments and reminisced about the time Philipsburg was the centre of night-time attraction. He encouraged organisers to produce the event more frequently.

Event organiser Bertaux “Mr. Rude” Fleming of Xtratight Entertainment is very happy with the ministers’ pledge to support Koop Avond 2020. He said a partnership with government can only make the event greater.

“This is more than just budget; I am hoping with the ministry on board that they would push the stores on Back Street and Front Street to open and really make it the Koop Avond. … We have the structure and we have the materials to do it, but if we have the ministry and everybody on board, with a snap of a finger we can make it happen and I am ready,” Fleming said.

The All White Grand Finale of Koop Avond drew some 2,000 patrons, many dressed in all white, who descended on town to support artisans, crafters and others from the cottage industry and to enjoy a free concert by Kajam Quartet, SMS Experience Band, Jean Marc Ferdinand and Mr. Tiki Tak Tiki Tak.

Organiser Xtratight Entertainment said the support and positive feedback about the event were overwhelming and is happy and motivated that the event was so well received.

Source: The Daily Herald