Stuco keeps struggling with provision of water

The leaking water pipe being worked on.

ST. EUSTATIUS–On Saturday, July 22, St. Eustatius Utility Company Stuco NV was forced to turn the water off due to large demand of water, which caused its storage tank to run dry again.

  The company had to shut off the water to fill the tank up again, and re-opened the supply of water on Sunday, at 5:00pm.

After re-opening the water network on Sunday, Stuco personnel noticed a leak in the system in the pipe at Lower Town.

  Due to the reparation of the leak, Stuco once again resorted to the rationing of water with the regular schedule from 5:00am until 8:00am, and from 5:00pm until 8:00pm.

  Stuco’s head of distribution Rueben Lopes said: “When it rains, it pours,” in reference to the tank running and the discovery of a leaking pipe.

  The utility company is urging customers not to fill cisterns when the water service is back up and running. Stuco said they will be filling the larger tank at Lodi after the changing of the liner.

  Stuco asked its customers to bear with them while they are trying to get the system back up and running. They apologized for the inconvenience this caused to everyone.

Source: The Daily Herald