Stuco restores 97% of electricity on St. Eustatius

ST. EUSTATIUS–Stuco (St. Eustatius Utility Company) informed the general public that they have reconnected over 97% of their customers after electricity was interrupted due to Hurricane Irma’s passing.

Work is ongoing to reconnect the remaining 2-3% in the coming days. Stuco is also requesting for the public to call their office line 318-2229 to report any customers still without power, any lines on the ground or low hanging lines, any damaged or open fuses or meters, any sparking or flashing lines, and any noticeable irregular behaviour of electricity at their home or place of business.
They also look forward to receiving calls from their customers for any matters pertaining to the water supply. “The Stuco workers have been working from early morning to way into the night hours as a team, they’ve only stopped to eat lunch and dinner and too sleep,” Stuco management stated in a press release issued on Monday.

Source: The Daily Herald