STUCO starts operation on water transport line | THE DAILY HERALD

Work being carried out on STUCO’s new water storage tank.


 ST. EUSTATIUS–St. Eustatius Utility Company STUCO began operation of the two-kilometre water transport line on Thursday, October 22.

  The water line runs from Gallows Bay at the lower town to the current water storage tank in Lodi. “With the completion of this project, I can safely say that the arduous process of repairing leaks with significant distress to vehicular and pedestrian traffic is now behind us,” STUCO Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Fred Cuvalay said.

 The company thanked the Statia community for their patience and understanding before and during the period when work was being done on the project.

  STUCO expects to complete the expansion of the new water production capacity in the next two to three weeks, as well as the new drinking water storage tank and interconnection between the existing water tank and the new water storage tank. The work is being carried out in an effort to safeguard the drinking water supply service, Cuvalay explained.

  The utility company experienced serious issues with its water production in April. Water rationing was introduced, which worsened with the coronavirus pandemic and intermediate water leaks.

  Currently STUCO is busy restoring the roads that had to be dug up to place water lines. To prevent incidental rationing of water, STUCO will keep its three older water plants running continuously and hopes this method will see water being continuously provided during this current period. 

Source: The Daily Herald