Students turn out in numbers for 10th annual Risk Reduction Fair | THE DAILY HERALD

Students at the ANGLEC booth at the Safety Fair.

ANGUILLA–The tenth annual All Hazard Risk Reduction and Safety Fair was held at the Agricultural Department grounds in The Valley, on Friday, June 22. The theme of the 2018 fair, “Ensuring Safe and Healthy Working Environments” emphasised that safety does not happen by accident but is everyone’s business and should be taken seriously. Programmes should be put in place to ensure a safe and healthy environment, realising that the health of the nation is the wealth of the nation.

Following Deputy Governor Perin Bradley’s brief welcoming remarks, Wycliffe Fahie spoke on behalf of the Chief Minister. He said, “We celebrate the ‘tinth’ (tenth) anniversary of this fair. Tin is the metal of a 10-year anniversary because it represents flexibility and durability. Tin is used to protect other metals from rusting and tarnishing and represents protection. Essential services are durable and operate with or without disasters. You help to protect us by teaching us how to be prepared and are always relevant.” He said during the Risk Reduction and Safety Fair’s 10-year history, it has preserved to improve the safety needs of the residents of Anguilla. The Fair is a programme with substance – safety and security are a result of collective consensus and public investment.

Steve Hodge of the Anguilla Electricity Company ANGLEC spoke of the ongoing rebuilding across the island as a result of Hurricane Irma. He said safety and being prepared are truly everyone’s business and cannot be overstressed. He added that during the height of ANGLEC’s restoration efforts, there were over 150 personnel from across the region working together at any given time. ANGLEC’s operational focus and insistence on education and adherence to safety processes ensured minimal injury. He encouraged all organisations to ensure that safety is high on the training agenda.

Following the opening ceremony activities, fair attendees including many students from the primary schools were able to visit a variety of subject-related booths including for workplace safety, personal health, crime prevention, personal security, occupational health and safety, water safety and fire safety. They were also able to witness a live demonstration from the Anguilla Fire and Rescue Service and ANGLEC.

According to event coordinator the Essential Services Committee of the National Disaster Management Committee, the key objectives of the Safety Fair are to promote safety and risk awareness on the road, in homes and in the workplace; promote safety products and services; and broaden awareness of safety hazards and mishap prevention.

Source: The Daily Herald