Sundial records 82 per cent passing rate, 60 graduate | THE DAILY HERALD

Education Minister Wycliffe Smith (third left) and Sundial Director Mireille Regales-Peterson (fourth left) with some of the graduates and other persons.

PHILIPSBURG–A total of sixty Sundial School students said goodbye to their high school years when they graduated during a ceremony held at the Belair Community Centre earlier this week.

The graduation class recorded an 82 per cent pass rate, which can go up to 90 per cent after the third term in August.

The graduation ceremony was themed “Education: Learning True Knowledge of Self”.

Shaniah Williams, who was named PKL Valedictorian and received the Best Student award in Care and Wellness, delivered the valedictorian’s address during the graduation.

Sundial Principal Mireille Regales-Peterson told graduates that the theme signifies that “we all learn true knowledge of ourselves while learning lessons through life.

“Please note it does not only mean the lessons learnt are the ones we have learnt sitting in the classroom, it also signifies the true lessons we have learnt along the way – lessons from our parents, friends, community and, most importantly, from ourselves.”

She referred to the moments “where we learned that falling didn’t mean failing; that friends can have heated disagreements and still remain friends; that applying pressure is needed for some occasions; that we are all human beings and we do make mistakes; that humility and gratitude go hand-in-hand; and of course, that we are more resilient than we believe we are.”

She asked students to close their eyes and look back at the school year, and asked when they had noticed that the school has bounced back through all the difficulties of rebuilding and temporary disorder because everyone knew a better time was on the horizon, which showcases patience and flexibility.

“We realised that as a class we had to bond together and make use of social media to inform one another in order to make it through the hectic periods, which showcases caring and teamwork. We took on a challenge that we did not ask for, nor were we happy about it, but we knew in our hearts it was right, which showcases maturity and discernment.

“The one constant element is that we lived it, we survived it and we are better for it because we have all learnt more about ourselves through it all.

“We have all endured and we have all achieved together because we are great, we are knowledgeable, and I bet you hadn’t realized that this educational lesson we had received was provided Straight Outta Sundial.”

She congratulated students on completing this phase of their lives, which she called “the glory years, your high school years.

“At all times just stop and thank all those who have helped you along the way. These are the persons who pushed you, believed in you, and answered your WhatsApp messages and calls at all hours of the day. Always remember that these are the persons that were there with you when you learnt your true knowledge of who you actually are and what you are capable of accomplishing.

“As I tell all my graduates, so will I also tell you: You can do all things through Christ, Who strengthens you. He can and will direct your paths at all times once you ask this of Him.

“Always remember all the encouraging words you had received from your mentors, teachers, classmates, and special invited motivational guest lecturers while you were at Sundial School. Remember that these lessons learnt have helped form you into the persons you are, and the persons you will continue to evolve into being.”

Source: The Daily Herald