Sundial records 83.3% preliminary pass rate

PHILIPSBURG–Sundial School’s teachers, students and parents have a lot to be proud of. The school recorded an 83.3 per cent overall preliminary pass rate amongst final exam students.

This means that of the 59 students who sat final exams, 45 passed outright and will be graduating. The school’s Hospitality and Care and Wellness PKL Department recorded a 91.2 per cent preliminary passing grade and the Hospitality and Care and Wellness PBL Department recorded 71.4 per cent.

A total of four students failed and nine will have to re-sit their exams. The re-sits will be held throughout next week, following which the final exam results are expected to go up. This year’s preliminary results are a little bit better than last year’s results.

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Sundial Principal Mireille Regales-Peterson said she is proud of the students’ performance. She thanked the Inspectorate of Education, parents and teachers for the hard work and efforts they put into preparing students for their exams. She said also that the good grades are a nice farewell for the school’s fourth form coordinator Jacqueline Arrendell who will be going on retirement after many years at the institution.

The school’s Public Relations Officer (PRO) and Career Guidance Counsellor Sheila Moniz-Baldew said the school is very proud of the preliminary results. She said the teachers’ and students’ hard work had paid off.

“We are very excited,” she said, noting that teachers were constantly on the students’ case, guiding them, talking to them about the importance of their education and pushing them to do well in their classes. She said the results show that students have been heeding their teachers’ calls. She said also that all students at the school, the weak and strong ones, had sat the exams and the school is proud of their performance.

Source: The Daily Herald