Sundial students take part in first Language Village

Students interacting.

PHILIPSBURG–Sundial School third form students took part in their first-ever Language Village (“Taaldorp”) at the school on Friday. Students were expected to visit several everyday situations such as a doctor’s office, day-care centre, police station, civil registry, market, clothing store and restaurant.

Another scene from the school’s first language village.

page11b294  They were fully immersed in the Dutch language; at no point in time was any other language spoken. This assignment is part of the Dutch curriculum and stimulates verbal communication in Dutch.

Students conversed in Dutch at every location they visited.


  Though extremely nervous in the beginning, students grew more comfortable over the course of time and even found it to be lots of fun.

  Thanks to the maximum commitment of the Dutch department, all participating teachers and volunteers, Language Village/Taaldorp Sundial was a huge success, according to the school.

Source: The Daily Herald