Sunny Food burglarised on Friday morning


PHILIPSBURG–Thieves burglarised supermarket Sunny Food on A.Th. Illidge Road in the wee hours of Friday morning and stole a considerable amount of cash from the store’s office.

Owner Steven Huang said workers had noticed that something was not right when they arrived at 7:00am. The thieves entered the premises via the roof and disabled the ADT alarm system. The siren also was disabled in case the ADT system had a failsafe.

The thieves entered the store, disabled wires connecting to the camera system and made their way into the offices where the cash was kept.

Police were called to the scene shortly after 7:00am and the store was open for business the same day.

This is the second “roof” burglary carried out at a major supermarket. In December 2015, the Detective Department had to deal with a break-in at Le Grand Marché on Bush Road that took place between late Christmas night and early Boxing Day. According to the investigators, the culprits gained access to the establishment via the roof. Once inside they disabled the alarm and took an undisclosed amount of cash along with a large quantity of alcohol and cellular telephones.

Source: The Daily Herald