Supermarket robbed by gunmen | THE DAILY HERALD

Cost Pro (File photo)

MADAME ESTATE–Police are investigating a daylight robbery at Cost Pro supermarket on Monday afternoon. According to witnesses, four gunmen rushed into the business and threatened customers and cashiers.

The robbers managed to take cash and escape by vehicle. Workers were traumatised by the experience and the supermarket closed its doors after the incident. Police rushed to the scene and started their investigation.

General Manager Peter J. Gittens stated on his Facebook page Monday afternoon, “I just want to thank everyone who reached out to us after today’s robbery. My staff is doing okay and tomorrow we will be reaching out to the customers involved. Could not do it today as it was quite hectic as anyone can imagine. We thank God no one was hurt during this unfortunate incident.

“It’s amazing how persons reached out and showed their love. There is hope for the ‘Friendly Island’ yet. A customer who does massages offered her services for free, another said she does hair and nails and I even had a therapist and psychologist reach out as well. Thank you to one and all. Special thanks to the Police Department.”

Police had not released the official police report about the incident up to press time, but the investigation has started.

Source: The Daily Herald