Supermarket robbers given jail time for violent robbery

PHILIPSBURG–Supermarket robbers Orlando Violenus and Jairo Muller are the latest persons sentenced by the Court of First Instance this week for robbing Chinese supermarket Fu Young. These two young men ran into the business on September 1 and demanded cash from the cashier. They two managed to grab US $200 and flee the scene.

Violenus admitted to wielding a machete to show that they meant business.

Muller showed no remorse for the misdeed and gave attitude to the judge every time he was asked what he had been thinking on the day the incident occurred.

“What is wrong with you? I am not nervous,” Muller hissed at the judge when asked whether he wanted to speak to his attorney. He laid back in his chair and ignored the statements made by the judge while his lawyer kept informing her client to co-operate.

Violenus, on the other hand, showed remorse and answered all the questions from the judge. The parole board also recommended that he attend the vocational training school as part of his rehabilitation. “I want another chance to change my life around, Your Honour. I do not know what I was thinking when I did that,” stated Violenus.

In Muller’s case, the parole board recommended incarceration because Muller had told them that if he were released he most likely would commit crimes again.

Prosecutor in the case Martin van Nes requested two years for both suspects.

The judge in his verdict mentioned Violenus’ will to do better. He sentenced Violenus to two years with one being unconditional, while Muller received two years unconditional.

Source: The Daily Herald