Supervisor of Elections gives report and recommendations | THE DAILY HERALD

ANGUILLA–Rodney Rey, Supervisor of the recently held elections, has submitted a report and some recommendations to be considered for future elections. He noted that there were several changes in this year’s election, including the use of voter registration cards, the Advance Poll, the introduction of electronic tabulating of votes, and electing four island-wide candidates for the first time.

He suggested that the Advance Poll should be the day before the elections instead of the Friday prior to the Monday election, as happened this year. He suggested that the Advance Poll should begin at 7:00am and end at 4:00pm and should include Fire and Rescue Officers, medical technologists and Prison Officers in addition to the police, medical personnel, persons over the age of 70, and any person with physical challenges.

Other recommendations included prohibiting the use of cell phones at polling stations, increasing the remuneration for election officers, amending the Elections Act to provide for a charge for a demand of an electronic recount and a charge 10 times higher for a demand of a manual recount.

Rey also suggested that there should be a revision on “residence” for voter registration and the voter card should be more akin to a national ID card.

Source: The Daily Herald