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Althea Henderson with Elderly and Disabled Care Director Evelyne Ratchel-Jacob, Third Vice-President Annick Pétrus and new refrigerator. (Robert Luckock photo)

Adrien Richardson with Elderly and Disabled Care Director Evelyne Ratchel-Jacob, Third Vice-President Annick Pétrus and new refrigerator in Grand Case. (Robert Luckock photo)

Dorcille Barry (seated) with Elderly and Disabled Care Director Evelyne Ratchel-Jacob (left), Third Vice-President Annick Petrus (second right) and Teddy Abenaqui (right) of the company ArcelorMittal. Barry received zinc and roofing materials. (Robert Luckock photo)



MARIGOT–Specific projects financed by the Electricité de France (EDF) Group Foundation to support the community in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma have got underway with distribution of materials.

Some 4,000 EDF Group employees demonstrated their solidarity after Hurricane Irma by responding to the support operation launched on September 13, 2017, driven by the EDF Group Foundation.

After deliberation by the EDF Group Foundation board of directors on February 8, 2018, chaired by EDF Group CEO Jean Bernard Levy, regarding four projects for the Collectivité of St. Martin to be managed by the Department of Solidarity and Families, funds collected were validated for the sum of 155,500 euros.

The first action was to assist the elderly and persons with disabilities by purchasing and replacing house appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and stoves that were destroyed in the hurricanes. This distribution started on July 13 for some 60-100 beneficiaries in all districts.

“We went around to ask the elderly what they specifically needed,” explained Department of Solidarity and Families Elderly and Disabled Care Director Evelyne Ratchel-Jacob.

Two of the first recipients were Althea Henderson of Lowtown, St. James, and Adrien Richardson of Grand Case.

“I had quite a lot of damage to my house, but we have no control over nature. I had to leave my house and stay with my daughter during the hurricane. We have to thank God we are still alive,” said Althea who received a new refrigerator. “I’m very thankful for the help from the Collectivité and EDF.”

Adrien Richardson (70) of Grand Case is disabled due to a stroke and lives alone on the Boulevard, but has family members nearby and three children living abroad. He also received a brand-new refrigerator and expressed his gratitude.

“At my age I don’t worry too much any more about anything. The hurricane blew in my doors and windows, but I’m still here,” said Richardson, a former tiler. “This new fridge will make a big difference, because I like to eat and stock it up. My old fridge was too small and damaged.”

The second project, to purchase and deliver materials to repair or rebuild houses with zinc sheets, windows, etc., started on Monday, July 16. This action is also helping the elderly and disabled. Some 50 persons are due to receive materials.

One of the first recipients of the roofing materials supplied by the company Alcelor Mittal Construction in La Savane was 100-year-old Dorcille Barry, who was present on Monday with her daughter to receive the materials.

The third project is to help associations fund their activities.

The fourth action starting at the end of October 2018 is to purchase computer equipment and games for schools. Eight schools had much of this equipment destroyed. The objective is to promote access to knowledge, to continue the experimentation of four bilingual classes, and the acquisition of games for four nursery schools. The targeted schools are Ecole Primaire Elie Gibs, Maternelle 2 Jean Anselme, Ecole Eliane Clarke, Ecole Evelyna Halley, Ecole maternelle Simeonne Trott, Ecole Aline Hanson, Ecole Jérôme Beaupère, and Ecole maternelle Grand Case.

Source: The Daily Herald