Survivors Balloon Parade gets support from UNICEF


PHILIPSBURG–The Department of Youth and Culture and United Children’s Fund UNICEF launched an anti-looting campaign “Too COOL To loot” at the annual Survivors Balloon Parade on Sunday. More than 400 children took part in the parade organised by Survivors Production.

The campaign seeks to bring awareness of the seriousness of looting and the long-term effects it has on the community. The goal is to engage the youth in several activities/events throughout the coming months.

“We hope to reach the young people by creating an image where looting is uncool, hoping that they will see themselves as ‘Too COOL to loot,’” according to the Department.

UNICEF sponsored 100 children’s tickets.

Minister of Culture Jorien Wuite was on hand to participate in the parade, which started on Bush Road and ended in the Carnival Village.

Source: The Daily Herald