Sustainable development

Prime Minister William Marlin signed for St. Maarten’s participation in the United Nations Multi-Country Sustainable Development Framework (UN-MSDF) on Wednesday. Through this new framework, the UN in partnership with St. Maarten and 17 other Dutch- and English-speaking countries and territories jointly aim to achieve concrete development results from 2017 to 2021. The Framework will serve as the overarching structure guiding the work of the UN system in the region, superseding the six Development Assistance Frameworks currently in place. Marlin said, “Nobody on St. Maarten is to be left behind as we proceed on our path to a sustainable future.” No costs are involved in participating in the Framework. Coordination will be executed by the Department of the Interior and Kingdom Relations BZK in the context of national development and in collaboration with all ministries. In photo: Marlin, BZK head Marc Arnold, Project leader Andrea Ortega-Oudhoff and UN representative for St. Maarten Tom Woods.

Source: The Daily Herald