SVOBE seeks parents help with dangerous new school game | THE DAILY HERALD

EBENEZER–The School Board for Secondary Education SVOBE is asking parents and guardians to encourage students to refrain from partaking in the new dangerous game the “skull breaker” or “jump” challenge.

In a letter sent to parents and guardians on February 11, SVOBE said there are videos circulating in the community where students of the Milton Peters College (MPC) are copying the trend and partaking in the challenge. According to the board these videos have since gone viral within the online community.

In the letter SVOBE said, “The SVOBE is very concerned about this dangerous game and encourage mentors, teachers and parents to speak to students about this and encourage them not to participate in this challenge. Our mission is to ensure that our schools remain a safe environment that promotes a healthy development.”

The board encouraged parents to have open discussions with their children on the dangers of the game and any other potentially dangerous challenges seen on social media.

In conclusion the board said as a community it will continue to work closely to monitor this new game and hopes that it will not witness a reoccurrence of the challenge at the schools.

Source: The Daily Herald