Swally World starts flood relief drive for Trinidad | THE DAILY HERALD

Swally World Entertainment founder/President Kerry Wilson and Vice-President Valya Lake-Pantophlet. (File photo)

 PHILIPSBURG–Swally World Entertainment founder Kerry Wilson and Vice-President Valya Pantophlet are working in collaboration with “Tribe,” a Trinidadian entertainment organisation, to gather goods for victims of the recent flooding there. According to the media there, the flooding in Trinidad and Tobago was the worst the island has experienced in history.

A tropical wave passed over Trinidad and Tobago over the weekend, bringing with it serious rain that caused some serious flooding on the Caribbean Island.

The Swally World “Flood Relief” donation drive in St. Maarten is seeing assistance from supermarkets, businesses and residents to support the neighbouring islands of Trinidad and Tobago during their time of devastation.

“Trinidad is completely destroyed and I find that we as St. Maarteners should do our part to help during their time of need. Last year after Hurricane Irma we were in a worse situation and the entire world came to our aid, including Trinidad, and I think it’s only fair we show them the same love and gratitude” said Wilson.

Shipping company On Dock B.V. owner Cleveland Coddington in collaboration with TK Island Wholesalers was the first to assist Swally World with its charitable drive and will offer it a discount price on a container for its stock of goods and other supplies as well as shipping the goods over to the devastated island.

All businesses and supermarkets are asked to be on the lookout for Wilson, who plans to make personal contact with them for charitable donations regarding this cause. The container will be leaving on Monday, November 5. All interested persons and businesses can drop off their items at TK Island Wholesalers on Cannegieter Street or can contact On Dock agent Cleveland Coddington at +1-721-553-3670 or Wilson at cell +1-721-587-8712 for more information.

The Swally World team and On Dock management thank everyone in advance for their support.

“I know things are still rough for some of us. This I can definitely understand, but we just can’t sit back and let them suffer. They didn’t when it came to us and that’s reality. Let’s see the bigger picture, my fellow Swallies, and let’s return the favour, for we are many islands, but one Caribbean nation,” said Wilson on Wednesday.

Items that can be donated include bottled water, brooms, mops, canned food, latex gloves, clothing (adult or children’s), diapers (adult/or children’s), cleaning products, sanitary napkins, toiletries, small mattresses, pillows, sheets, rice, non-perishable food items, disposable food utensils (plastic plates, forks, spoons, etc.). Monetary donations are also accepted.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/81965-swally-world-starts-flood-relief-drive-for-trinidad