SXM DOET hosts initiative launch

Volunteers at the launch event hosted at Axum Café.  


PHILIPSBURG –The SXM DOET Project Management Team hosted a successful launch for this year’s volunteer initiative at Axum Art Café recently. Thus far 74 projects of approximately forty organisations have been registered and are actively recruiting volunteers.

Nearly all participating organisations made it to the launch, where a quick overview and history of SXM DOET was given and all were presented with goodies and vouchers. The goodies consisted of the well-known DOET shirts, caps, shades and bandanas, as well as many other items to help promote the cause.

All was made possible with the help of Easy Print and Firgos. The vouchers were provided by Domino’s Pizza, Cake House, Divico, Heavenly Water and Greenfingers, and consist of varying discounted options and free goods, ensuring that all participating organisations can make the most of the funds provided to them by Oranje Fonds and successful execution of their projects.

Many participating organizations are returning hosts, as well as many newcomers. They provide a great variety of types of projects, from beautifying schoolyards to sprucing up playgrounds, setting up community gardens, cooking for the less fortunate, helping out animals in need and taking the elderly and foster children out for a fun day.

The Project Management Team is proud to have seen SXM DOET grow as exponentially as it has in such a short time, from about 30 projects to more than 70 in just three years. To help facilitate the process this year, the team has also recruited volunteer project managers who help guide the organisations in the DOET process.

The Team is very grateful for everyone’s assistance and was happy to introduce all the kind-hearted dedicated persons at the launch. They will be out on the road along with the board of Be the Change Foundation and members of Oranje Fonds supporting and visiting all the projects during the official SXM DOET days, March 10 and 11.

There are still many intriguing projects in need of volunteers. To view a listing of the projects, visit . For more information, e-mail the Project Management Team of Melanie Choisy and Fleur Hermanides at

[email protected]/* */ . The latest updates about the two days can be found on their Facebook page

Source: The Daily Herald