Sylvie Danielo-Feucher to be St. Martin’s new Préfète | THE DAILY HERALD

MARIGOT–Sylvie Danielo-Feucher was named by the Council of Ministers as the new Préfète Déléguée for St. Martin and St. Barths following a proposal by the Minister of the Interior on June 18.

She will succeed Préfète Déléguée Anne Laubies who began her appointment in St. Martin in 2015, and is now due to retire.

Danielo-Feucher (59) was the General Secretary of the Union of National Police Commissioners until June 2012. She was the first woman in charge of a police union. In 2013 she was appointed Préfète Déléguée for Equal Opportunities to the Préfet of Val-d’Oise that was followed in 2016 by her nomination as National Coordinator for government delegates in high priority districts.

The first 10 years of her career were spent in the headquarters of the Judicial Police as an inspector in Paris, then a position with a financial division before joining the Central Office for repression and drug-trafficking prevention.

From 2002 to 2004 she was Principal Commissioner and head of the police station in Poissy. From March 1, 2004, she was appointed Chief Commissioner of National Police, Central Commissioner of Versailles, then District Manager of Public Safety in the Versailles district.

She campaigned on behalf of the National Police Commissioner’s Union (SCPN), where she became Deputy Secretary-General. In 2008, she succeeded Olivier Damien as Secretary-General of this organisation. During her tenure, she developed projects of reform for personnel management and organisation of the police.
Danielo-Feucher will take up her duties in St. Martin on Monday, July 9, 2018.

Source: The Daily Herald