SZV closes Thursday after client attacks staff, guard

HARBOUR VIEW–Social and Health Insurances SZV was forced to close its doors early on Thursday, after a client physically attacked a staffer and security officer.

  In a press statement SZV referred to the matter as “an unforeseen incident.” The reason for the attack was not stated.

  SZV said for privacy and legal reasons, it is not customary to disclose the details of incidents to the media or public, but “we see it important at this time to inform that these actions are never tolerated. All incidents where security has been breached are followed by an official police report and when required pursued further by legal action.”

  “It is our duty to serve the community, adhering to the laws of the social and health insurances of which we manage. We aim to do so by offering the best possible service to each customer, at all times. Violence of any form towards or staff or endangering our staff and visitors is never condoned.”

  SZV plans to pursue legal action in relation to the events of today and said “for this reason and to maintain the privacy of our staff we will not issue any more details as to not interfere with the ongoing proceedings.”

  SZV will re-open on Friday, November 24, from 7:30am to 3:00pm.

Source: The Daily Herald