SZV compliance campaign aims to engage employers | THE DAILY HERALD

Customer Care and Communications Unit Manager presenting at one of SZV workshops.

PHILIPSBURG–Social and Health Insurances SZV announced on Wednesday that it has employers fully engaged in its compliance campaign which started a few months ago. Employers have had the opportunity to attend various information sessions and workshops where SZV elaborated their rights and obligations.

SZV recently hosted a “Chain of Liability” information session for construction sector companies. This session elaborated employers’ responsibility and liabilities regarding the registration and filings of companies, subcontractors and employees.

Last month, SZV presented the employer obligations to newly registered and established businesses during a session at the government building hosted by the Department of Labour Affairs National Employment Service Centre. These obligations, as well as the accompanying procedures, can be found on SZV’s website.

Two popular SZV tools and services were presented during the event: the Employer Portal and the monthly Mutation form workshops. The SZV Employer Portal is accessible via

Companies with an account can submit and declare their monthly ZV and OV premiums online.

The portal offers an online overview of past declarations as well as automatic calculations and other benefits. Presently, SZV is testing additional functions such as online registration and mutations of employees. This option would significantly reduce waiting times for employers and improve the accuracy of employee information that companies submit to SZV.

With the automation of this process, employees would have less hassle requesting medical insurance cards, as their registration would be complete at SZV.

In the meantime, employers will continue to register their employees’ information via a paper mutation form. Employers who struggle with the use of the mutation form can now register for a training on how to do this correctly. SZV said the training would also benefit those who opt for the online option in the future. The workshop is free and is offered at the SZV office on the last Wednesday of each month from 6:30 to 8:00pm. Interested companies can register online via or e-mail

Source: The Daily Herald