SZV expected to cover 50% cost to build new hospital

PHILIPSBURG–The realisation of a new general hospital for St. Maarten seems to be one step closer thanks to Social and Health Insurances SZV agreeing to finance fifty per cent of the cost to construct the new facility.

  Health Minister Emil Lee told reporters at the weekly Council of Ministers press briefing on Wednesday that he expected to receive a confirmation letter from SZV Director Glen Carty about the approval of the financing any day now.

 “In my mind, 50 per cent of the financing for the hospital is now secured and now I am waiting on the answer from [General Pension Fund administration – Ed.] APS, so I think everything is going well,” Lee said. 

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  Authorities are hoping the remaining 50 per cent financing will be covered by APS, but a decision has not yet been made by the pension fund administration. Lee said Carty had requested the SZV board’s opinion regarding the financing.

“He [was – Ed.] looking for their support for the financing of the hospital. The board has written a letter indicating that there are no objections to SZV financing 50 per cent of the construction of the hospital. And in that letter they’ve taken the opportunity to outline what they believe are operational efficiencies that need to take place,” Lee said. “I don’t think any of those points outlined are a surprise. I think that there is a lot of improvement in SZV and that process of improving the administration is in progress.”

Source: The Daily Herald