SZV gives info on its services at health expo | THE DAILY HERALD

SZV staff giving information at Health Expo.

PHILIPSBURG–Social and Health Insurances SZV provided information on its services during the health expo and information day organised by the Home Away from Home Taking Care of the Elderly Foundation at the John Larmonie Center on Saturday.

The event catered to seniors and pensioners. SZV said in a press release on Monday that it took the opportunity to share information regarding its new services such as appointment only for renewal of 62+ insurances.

In the past, seniors have complained about long waiting times for the walk-in service to renew their insurance cards. The introduction of appointments for renewals significantly reduces the waiting time at the office. Persons are advised to request an appointment four weeks in advance to ensure that their card is renewed on time. Appointments can be requested via, SZV’s Facebook page, phone or e-mail.

SZV also announced that appointments for the new eye care clinic at St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) can be made directly by patients with a referral letter from their house doctor.

Unlike with referrals to the ophthalmologist operating in French St. Martin, patients are no longer required to wait for an appointment via SZV, but can request this for themselves at SMMC.

SZV staff fielded questions regarding prescription stamping services and authorisations for medical aid products. SZV said its office now has a “fast-lane” option for these services which reduces the waiting times for customers.

Persons interested in knowing more about the medical referrals process were assisted with general information. SZV said also that medical referral inquiries and services now have a dedicated service desk, reducing the waiting time and offering more one-on-one attention to patients.

“We have a lot of new services for everyone, but many specifically to the benefit of our seniors. It was a great opportunity to share this information at the Health Expo. We would like to thank Patricia Flanders for inviting us to be a part of this event. Together we ensure that our seniors get the information they need about their SZV insurance. We keep encouraging seniors to contact SZV in case they have any questions or suggestions,” SZV said in the release.

Source: The Daily Herald