SZV going cashless, no cash payments from January 1

PHILIPSBURG–Social and Health Insurances SZV will not be accepting cash as a form of payment as of January 1, 2018.

  The insurance service provider said in a press release on Tuesday that its clients will be encouraged to use alternative payment options, as cash payments will no longer be possible.

  SZV will instead be offering clients four alternative payment options: cheque, Maestro Card, bank transfer or direct deposit to SZV’s account(s). Clients who do not have a bank account and/or bank card have until March 1, 2018, to arrange this as SZV’s no-cash policy will be strictly enforced after this period. Banking details and instructions can be found on SZV’s website and at the customer service desks.

  “The decision to remove cash handling at our offices is a result of many factors, including improving efficiency in controls and transaction processing. The amount of cash customers who will be influenced by this change is very manageable, as the biggest group impacted is the registered employers, many of which already pay via online bank transfer, an option we highly stimulate, SZV Chief Financial Officer Elton Felisie said in the release.”

  “The amount of cash payments received are very few and through engagement with our stakeholders, we see this change to be a positive one for all.”

  Payments received by SZV vary and mainly include employers’ payment of ZV/OV and AOV/AWW premiums. SZV launched its Online Employer Portal earlier this year, which allows registered employers the option to submit their ZV/OV declarations online, eliminating the need to visit the office to submit monthly declaration and payment.

  There are very few cases where insured employees or pensioners are encountered with payments to SZV, the release said. For this group, payment to SZV may include the replacement fee for a lost or stolen medical insurance card. This replacement fee can then be best paid with a Maestro card at the office. Persons without a bank account and/or bank card are encouraged to arrange these before March 1.

  Questions about this change can be directed to , 546-6782, SZV Facebook page or visit customer service desks at SZV’s office. Employers may visit the Employers desk directly in Building 1, Level 1.

Source: The Daily Herald