SZV moving away from financial help, embraces community work

SZV staff during one of their volunteer efforts.

PHILIPSBURG–Social and Health Insurances SZV said on Wednesday that it is leaning away from financial contributions and looking at how it can get more hands-on and directly support the most vulnerable groups in the community.

The insurance service provider said in a press release that it actively commits to its corporate social responsibility and is making a shift to engage in projects that embrace community work and stimulate volunteerism.

The focus areas are volunteering, social partnerships, education, youth sports, environment, health awareness and prevention. By redefining the ways in which it contributes to community initiatives, SZV aims to create a more sustainable impact, it was stated in a press release on Wednesday.

“At SZV, we have a unique opportunity to give back to the community in a way that amplifies the intentions of the organisation and its employees. Being a social health insurance provider, we are finding more ways to get involved in community work and supporting the important contributions of various organisations and foundations on the island.

“We are leaning away from financial contributions and looking for how we can get more hands-on and directly support the most vulnerable groups within our community. We see this as an opportunity and outlet to develop positive relationships with our community stakeholders,” SZV Director Glen Carty said.

The first project for this year was the SXM DOET participation in which 30 staffers volunteered for six SXM DOET projects.

“Our colleagues have always shown interest in volunteering and are active in this outside of SZV. We are happy that we have their commitment to support SZV in projects or events that involve community work and development. It makes perfect sense, as we all want to see our community prosper. Our staff is proud to be a direct influence, addressing a current need and being part of sustainable goals,” Carty said.

The focus areas in relation to the execution of SZV’s Corporate Social Responsibility platform have been defined with the input of the SZV staff, looking at the general needs of the community and ongoing initiatives by established foundations and associations. SZV has supported several projects under the umbrella of the Corporate Citizenship programme over the years, such as the Lion Rudy Hoeve Health and Wellness Fair, Mobile Health Bus, the More Movement for Elderly programme and mosquito prevention, amongst others.

Source: The Daily Herald