SZV no longer able to pay monthly invoices for government employees | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Social and Health Insurances SZV has informed the government of St. Maarten that it has notified all healthcare providers and pharmacies that it will no longer be able to pay in full its monthly invoicing for the services they render to government related employees.

  According to SZV, full payments will be delayed as it will only be able to cover the total amount received monthly from government.

  When invited for a comment by The Daily Herald SZV said it executes the administration and management of the OZR Fund on behalf of the government of St. Maarten.

  “The government of St. Maarten is responsible for providing the monies to SZV that are deposited to the OZR Fund. The objective of the OZR Fund is to cover the cost of medical treatment, nursing or other related medical expenses that are provided to its insured, the civil and public servants and/or government officials,” said SZV.

  SZV said a backlog in the payments towards the OZR Fund occurred, as per March 5, resulting in the delay of transfer of payments to health care providers for executed services to OZR insured.

  SZV has informed OZR insured and providers that the payment of services rendered and/or submitted for medical (reimbursement) requests would be delayed for a period of approximately one to two months.

  SZV said payment processing is reliant on the allotting of funds by the St. Maarten government to the OZR Fund.

  “Should there be any significant changes in the current situation, we will be sure to inform both OZR insured and respective health care providers accordingly,” SZV concluded.

Source: The Daily Herald